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This course enables students to explore Singpaore's attractions

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 Reasons for choosing Singapore for a short-term overseas study

Known as the garden city, Singapore is safe, beautiful, clean, and highly efficient. Good public security, fresh air, delicious but inexpensive food are some characteristics of this country. Eastern and western cultures are well integrated here, and different ethnic groups, such as Chinese, Malay, Indian and Caucasians are living and working together in friendly and peaceful environments. Singapore boasts various national cuisines, customs, and cultures. International tourists can experience strong eastern exoticism here.

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Although the official language in Singapore is English, about 70 percent of the population can speak Chinese. In fact, people here often use both Chinese and English in communication. There’s no language barrier for English-speaking international students in their daily life here. Rather, there are abundant opportunities for them to practice the Chinese they have learnt. Therefore, Singapore is the first choice for short-term overseas Chinese study in Southeast Asia.

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As Singapore is committed to development of education, both the overall education of the state and the average education of the population are at a high level. In addition, the Ministry of Education of Singapore has always paid great attention to promote Chinese learning and attract international students. Government requires all the language schools to provide high-quality courses for international students to ensure that these students will make great progress during their study here.


Wise choice to study at Chinalingua

Our institution, Chinalingua School, was established and authorized by the Ministry of Education of Singapore in 2003. Our school adopts self-developed advanced teaching materials and uses exclusive teaching methodology. We have professional teachers with excellent qualifications and make sure students can learn Chinese with fun rather than frustrations or obstacles.

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During our ten-year development, thousands of European, American and Japanese students came to our school to learn Chinese or English and we have won great public acclaim. Please refer to our school website for more information:

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Our school is located in Orchard Road, the downtown area of Singapore. The location is easy to access and enjoys an elegant environment. We arrange accommodation for international students. The rooms are fully furnished, clean, and safe. The accommodation is close to MRT station and very convenient for travelling.


How To Apply

1) Application Form

   Interested applicants please fill in this FORM.


2) Related terms & notes

    a. Students have to finish the courses within the time prescribed.

    b. Please complete the 30% deposit payment of the cost of accommodation & tuition fee within the

        first three weeks.

    c. Paying Method: PayPal (using credit card)

    d. The cost of textbooks is not included within the tuition fee.

    e. The balance of tuition fee & the accommodation fee must be paid on the first day of lesson.

    f. No refund will be made due to personal reasons of absence.

    g. The course cannot be taken again later due to the absence or other personal reasons.

    h. Our school will not be held responsible for any accidents or problems external to our school.

    i. Overseas travel insurance is recommended before traveling to Singapore.


Tourists Attractions & Cuisines In Singapore

1. Resorts World Sentosa

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3. River Safari & Night Safari

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2. S.E.A. Aquarium - Southeast Asia Aquarium

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4. Christmas Season In Singapore

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5. Gardens By The Bay

6. Botanic Gardens

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7. Chinatown

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9. Variety Of Delicious Food At The Food Court

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8. View Of Singapore

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11. Indian & Malay Cuisines

10. Chilli Crab, Chicken Rice & Soup Noodle

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