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Teaching Methods


If the teaching material is the script of a drama and the teaching course is the stage lighting and prop, then a teachers becomes an actor facing the students as the audience. Only with a brilliant script, professional actors, and superb stage lighting and prop, then will a comedy can be enjoyable enough to attract audience. To cater to students of different levels and requirements, Chinalingua School is able to provide such kind of excellent and practical exclusive course material, senior professional teachers as well as effective courses that  rapidly help students to improve their language competence.

Here is our brief introduction.


The following pictures clearly illustrate the theory and conditions for effective learning of a second/foreign language.


Effective Teaching Method of Chinalingua School



The learner is like a juggler on top of a unicycle. He/she has to spend considerable time in maintaining balance but may not go far.    

Diagram 1 :Using a foreign language in practice and explanation

Use a foreign language in explanation and practice.

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Diagram 2: Using a  foreign language in practice but the mother tongue in explanation.


The learner is like a  cyclist  who can move forward in a relatively stable condition. It can arrive at the destination faster than a unicycle. 

Practice=using a foreign language


Explanation = using the learner’s mother tongue

Diagram 3: Using  the  foreign language for practice, the learner’s mother tongue for instruction, plus ideal textbooks.


In this circumstance, learning a foreign language is like riding a tricycle, where a learner can carry out in-depth learning for a long period of time in a stable condition.


Ideal textbooks


Explanation = using a learner’s mother tongue


Practice= using a foreign language

Diagram 4: Practice=using a foreign language + explanation = using learner’s mother tongue + ideal textbooks (to improve comprehensive skills) + top-notch  teachers (proficient in both languages)


With  the basis of conditions of 1 to 3, and with the guidance of an excellent teacher, a learner is like travelling in a stable  car and can reach the destination in a significant short time and much faster than an unicycle, a bicycle, or a tricycle.

Excellent professional teachers


Ideal textbooks


Explanation = using a learner’s mother tongue


Practice= using a foreign language

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