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Profile of Ms. Yang Fang

Yang Fang is a teacher teaching both Chinese and English at our school. Her fluent English and interesting teaching methods have won her many students from Europe, Australia, America and Asia. Her Chinese lessons not only cover language points but also introduce various aspects of Chinese culture. Because of the small size of classes, she is able to pay attention to each student’s needs and create interactive classroom activities. She believe repetition is the key to learn a new language at the very beginning. Our School have a whole set of textbooks which provide a lot of repetition exercises and listening practice. She also give them extra training on practical communication. Her students all enjoy their lessons very much as they can see they are making progress every week. She really love teaching them in such a pleasant environment. She is quite sensitive to students individual learning difficulties and always try her best to help them find the way to correct their mistakes naturally. She also use a lot of examples to make her points more impressive to her students. They feel more and more interested and confident to learn the language."

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Testimony for Ms. Yang Fang

My Chinese teacher Ms. Yang Fang exudes immense mastery of the language and teaches it with meticulous supportive effort to make sure that I learn the language passionately and efficiently.

For someone like myself whom has very weak and minimum Chinese language foundation, the well-defined lessons and appropriate assessment simplified my learning experience.  With this well-structure learning methodology it further deepen my passion and changes my attitude towards learning the Chinese language.



By Jane 2014


Profile of Dr. He Jisheng

Dr. He Jisheng got both his Doctor's and Master's Degrees at National University of Singapore. He also has got a Master's Degree at Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages and a Bachelor's Degree at Shandong Teachers' University of China.

Moreover, he has got a Post Graduate Diploma of English Language teaching at National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.


Mr. He Jisheng is one fo the best teachers at our school. he teaches both Mandarin and English. He has been teaching Mandarin and English for more than 20 years in China and Singapore. His rich teaching experience and wide knowledge of Chinese and English have made his classes more interesting and lively. Unlike some other teachers, in his classes, Mr. He teaches not only basic language knowledge, but also the skills of how to use it. In addition, his patience and attitude has won him respect from our students. In his own words, "Teaching is my job and profession. I like it very much. I hope to be of some help to those who want to learn Chinese and English".

Testimony For Dr. He Jisheng

Chinalingua offered me a highly qualified teacher who was able to entirely meet my linguistic needs while reading different kinds of newspaper and magazine articles on Chinese politics and society. We especially focused on topics published in Singapore’s 联合早报 dealing with China-Singapore relations, about which I had to write a report while working for the Swiss Embassy of Singapore. Not only did the teacher emphasize specific linguistic issues of the Chinese language during class, but we also discussed cultural aspects so typical for Chinese speaking geographical regions. Alltogther, my experience as a student at Chinalingua has turned out to be very positive and has definitely increased my linguistic and cultural understanding of Mandarin.“

By Ms. Isabelle Huber

11 October 2013


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