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Chinalingua School Principal

Profile of Ms Rinka Zhao

Ms. Rinka Zhao graduated from Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute, majored in Japanese. She can speak Chinese, Japanese and English. As an expert in language study and education, she has been engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language for 23 years. She has created a set of effective Chinese teaching method, which enables learners to study Chinese in a relaxed and happy way, free from setbacks and bottlenecks during the learning process.


Since Ms. Rinka Zhao established Chinalingua School, the school has fostered over 12 years numerous foreign learners who have mastered Chinese most successfully.  Ms. Zhao has also published a series of Chinese course books in Japan which are named Honki de Mnnabu Cyuugokugo (Learning Chinese in an Earnest Way).This set of books have been reprinted over 20 times and more than 40,000 copies have been released. Currently she is planning to publish for English speakers a series of Chinese course books named Chinese Made Fun for English speakers.

She said: Our school provides effective teaching methods, superb practical materials and professional teachers for our leaners. They will be sure to enjoy their Chinese study in a relaxed and pleasant way. 

Testimony for Ms Rinka Zhao

China Lingua School established by Ms. Rinka Zhao is an excellent Chinese Language school. Ms. Zhao’s passions for the Chinese language were eminent when I first stepped into the school.  She is a hidden gem in this over commercialize and also lacking of true appreciation of the Chinese language learning environment. Ms. Zhao is an exalted role model in sharing and enriching to those who share the interest in the Chinese language and culture.


I highly recommend to anyone, who would like to deepen their Chinese language mastery to pursue the enriching Chinese lessons at China Lingua School.  I am very sure that it will contribute to an immensely meaningful change in honing their Chinese language, which will be invaluable in their future endeavors.

By Ms. Audrey Koh

17 July 2014


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