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Course 2 Daily Chinese Conversation

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2.1 Course Introduction

This course is for beginners

Pronunciation and elementary courses

For adult native english speaker

2.2 Course Fee and Duration

After mastering the Chinese pronunciation, students can start to concentrate on the dialogue course. The teaching material includes various kinds of situational dialogues, such as self-introduction, shopping, ordering food at restaurant, eating out, making phone calls, seeing a doctor, topics about life in Singapore, etc. After learning this course, students will be able to use Chinese to communicate confidently with native Chinese who are non-English speakers, which will bring great convenience to their life in China and Singapore.

2.3 Course Description




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2.4 Student Testimonial 

I found the Chinese classes very effective in helping my learn the language. I wanted to pick up the Chinese language as it is useful. ChinaLingua School has trial lessons available. I attended one and made up my mind to sign up.

The teachers are very supportive. The classes I had were kept to no more than three to four people so that I could receive personal coaching from native-speaking Chinese teachers. The teachers are very passionate. I have just completed the higher-level beginner courses and now look forward to continue with intermediate courses.

By Ms. Noriko Okayama

17 September 2014


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