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Course 3 Intensive Chinese Classes

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3.1 Course Introduction

This is an intermediate course

Pronunciation and intermediate courses

For adult native english speakers

3.2 Course Fee and Duration

3.3 Course Description

Where in-depth knowledge of Chinese and listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are being taught in a practical way.


Intensive Chinese Course/Pre-Intermediate:

After mastering Chinese pronunciation and daily conversation, students will reach the pre-intermediate level and they can choose to study Intensive Chinese Course. This course focused on improving students’ integrated competence on listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation. The course material gives a systematic and profound explanation on Chinese grammar and vocabulary, supplemented with large amount of relevant daily dialogue and topic conversation. It aims to enable students to clarify elementary Chinese grammar while applying all the knowledge immediately into practice. Through the study of this course, students can master nearly a thousand sentences of daily conversation and they will be able to make profound communication with Chinese while passing the HSK Level 4.

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