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Course 4 Chinese Character Writing

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4.1 Course Introduction

This is an intermediate course

Pronunciation and intermediate courses

For adult native english speaker

4.2 Course Fee and Duration

4.3 Course Description

This course is designed particularly for western beginners and local Singaporean Chinese who has an English education background.

This course gives a clear, step-by-step guidance for students to learn to write Chinese characters, start from those which have a few easy strokes to others which have more complicated strokes. Pinyin and English translation are marked with each character so that students are able to remember the meaning and pronunciation while practicing writing and reading. Thus the reading and writing of Chinese characters become enjoyable but not boring.

After several months of study, students can easily recognize and write 2000 Chinese characters, which enable them to write Chinese emails and read the Life forum of Chinese newspapers. They will be able to reach the reading and writing level of primary 6 of Singapore local schools.

The ability to read and write is critical in a language study. If a person can only understand the language through listening and speaking but not able to read and write, he is still considered incompetent. The reason why a student enters a school for a systematic study is to avoid incompetency. Therefore, the reading and writing of Chinese is particularly critical. A person who cannot read or write Chinese can only keep his language competence at the stage of a child of 5-6 years. Thus he is not able to enjoy profoundly the pleasure in Chinese study and interaction.



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