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Course 11 Learning Japanese

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11.1 Course Description

1. Professional Teaching Staff

2. Experienced Japanese native speaker teaching in both 
Japanese and Chinese

3. Experienced Chinese teacher,graduated from the Japanese Department of a Chinese Foreign Languages University,helping students to resoIve learning difficulties.

11.2 Course Fee and Duration

11.3 Course Materials


Learner - Friendly Textbooks


Teaching materials integrating phonetics,grammar, and skills of reading,listening, and conversation.

11.4 Teaching Methodology

Unique Teaching Methodology


Classroom activities involving the stimulation of your five senses so that your proficiency in listening,speaking,reading,translation improves simultaneously.

11.5 Learning Objectives

Comprehensive and Practical Learning Objectives

Your knowledge of both theJapanese language and culture wil improve and you will be able to transfer such knowledge to useful skills in your daily communication with Japanese peoplel

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