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Course 5 Advance Chinese Course

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5.1 Course Introduction

This is an advance course

Pronunciation and advance courses

For adult native english speakers

5.2 Course Fee and Duration

5.3 Course Description

Where students with some basic Chinese knowledge and language skills are encouraged to make further progress in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating so that they will be more confident working and living in a Chinese environment.


Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Courses:

These courses enable students to read a large amount of newspapers and magazines so as to follow the international political and economic affairs and trends. They will understand more about the rich colorful life in a Chinese society and conduct relevant dialogues and discussions. During the course, students will be trained to express themselves more profoundly in detail and rapidly improve their reading comprehension, speaking and translation abilities. As their Chinese level is greatly improved, they will be more confident to use Chinese to do their work and enjoy their life.



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5.4 Student Testimonial 

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Chinalingua offered me a highly qualified teacher who was able to entirely meet my linguistic needs while reading different kinds of newspaper and magazine articles on Chinese politics and society. We especially focused on topics published in Singapore’s 联合早报 dealing with China-Singapore relations, about which I had to write a report while working for the Swiss Embassy of Singapore. Not only did the teacher emphasize specific linguistic issues of the Chinese language during class, but we also discussed cultural aspects so typical for Chinese speaking geographical regions. Alltogther, my experience as a student at Chinalingua has turned out to be very positive and has definitely increased my linguistic and cultural understanding of Mandarin.


By Ms. Isabelle Huber

07 December 2013


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