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Course 8 Chinese For Locals

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8.1 Course Introduction

This is a course for local students

Pronunciation and intermediate courses

For local English speaking students

8.2 Course Fee and Duration

8.3 Course Description

As Singapore government always focuses on the economic development and interaction with China, local public schools have already started to promote Chinese study. Not only Chinese was prescribed as the obligatory subject for students of Chinese race but Chinese exam is also required for PSLE, O Level and A level. The content of these Chinese courses are quite difficult. As 99% of the school subjects are conducted in English, plus no much Chinese communication environment provided outside of school or in the families, the more students study the harder the contents to be absorbed smoothly, and the less interest student have. Some of them have cultivated a sentiment to be averse to Chinese study.

 In view of this situation we open up Chines Leap Progress Class to give special guidance to students with difficulty in learning Chinese as well as students who hate Chinese study.  We try our best to help them study Chinese in an effective way and thus gradually love Chinese and strive for the high marks in the core exams.


Here is the detail of our teaching methods. On the basis of a thorough explanation of school textbook contents, teachers guide students to do large amount of intensive reading while various kinds of exercises. At the same time we play relevant videos to give students a lot of exposure to Chinese language environment, so that they will master the relevant vocabulary and improve their listening ability, while learning Chinese society knowledge through flexible, vivid and pleasant activities.

The articles we select are interesting, thought-provoking with

beautiful language that gives great literary appeal. They not only nestle up students’ daily life but also closely connect with social development. With our senior teachers’ patient guidance and clear specific explanation, our students have enjoyed their Chinese lesson through studying these articles. Now they are motived to study Chinese more actively and they participate in classroom activities more earnestly. Thus their learning ability and Chinese exam results are both greatly improved. Currently students who study at our school have all achieved A or A* result in their PSLE and O level exams.



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